The fee for the operation is finalised after your assessment consultations and includes the following items:

  • Consultation and Operation billed by the Gynaecologist (Medicare)

  • Facility Fee billed by the day surgery clinic

  • Pathology tests billed by the pathology laboratory (Medicare)

  • Ultrasound, if required, billed by the radiology facility (Medicare)

  • Antibiotics, etc

When using your Medicare card , the card has to be:

  • Presented. The number alone is not accepted

  • Have your name on it. Photo ID may be required

  • Current with a valid expiry date

  • RHCA cards or restricted are not accepted

The Facility fee is not covered by Medicare and is to be paid by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. Cheque or phone payments are not accepted.


The Facility fee may be discounted, at the clinic's absolute discretion, to holders of a Pension card, a Health Care card or a full time university Student card, and only when:

  • Prior arrangements have been made

  • In conjunction with a Medicare card

  • The concession card is current and presented