The complete abortion procedure requires one visit to the clinic and takes about three hours. It includes the following stages necessary to assess the pregnancy, your general health and your suitability to have the operation performed in a clinic setting.

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ADMISSION 8 You will be asked to complete an admission form, which contains your personal details and some statistical data. All information is kept private and confidential as required by the Privacy Protection Acts. Please give the Receptionist the referral letter from your doctor and all blood test results, ultrasound reports and other documents relevant to your treatment.

PREGNANCY ASSESSMENT 8 You will see a staff Gynaecologist for a consultation to review your medical history and assess your general health and wellbeing. A gynaecological examination will confirm how far pregnant you are. If the pregnancy’s age cannot be determined, you will be referred to a local radiology centre for a pelvic ultrasound. Your blood group is checked by a finger prick, unless you have official written proof, such as a Blood Bank or Pathology card. A pregnancy test is not repeated routinely unless requested by you.

ANAESTHETIC ASSESSMENT 8 A staff doctor will assess your fitness and suitability for the anaesthetic. In addition to the local anaesthetic, you will be offered a sedative tablet and gas.  Gas sedation anaesthesia uses Entonox gas which is a mixture of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen. It relieves pain and make you feel sedated, but awake and in control.  You need to be escorted home and you should not drive a car. Take the rest of the day off. You will be fully recovered by the next morning.

 INTERVIEW 8 A Registered Nurse will give you a detailed explanation of the procedure, its risks and possible complications. Your partner may attend with you. Certain legal requirements need to be met to constitute a lawful abortion. Your options, reasons, and alternatives will be discussed in a relaxed non-judgemental atmosphere. General information will be offered on available contraception for future use. You will be asked to sign a Consent Form and a summary notes of the Interview. If you are unsure about the abortion, you will be advised see your doctor or a counsellor for Decision Counselling.

 OPERATION 8 A Registered Nurse will take you into the Operating Room and stay with you during the operation. Your blood pressure, pulse and oxygen levels will be monitored during the 10 to 15 minutes operation time. A local anaesthetic is given to reduce the discomfort and you will breath Entonox gas. During the procedure you will feel some discomfort similar to period cramps. After the operation you will walk, assisted, into the Recovery Room.

RECOVERY 8 You will rest on a comfortable recliner in a private cubicle for one hour. Light refreshments will be offered. Your partner may join you to keep you company. During  recovery you may feel slight nausea and some cramping. Pain relief will be given as necessary. The Recovery Nurse will check your blood pressure and instruct you on the post-operative care and the use of your chosen contraception. On discharge, you will be given a letter to take back to your doctor and a Post-Operative Information Sheet with detailed instructions for the next two weeks.

POST-OPERATIVE CHECK 8 The check-up is carried out approximately two weeks after the operation, usually by the referring doctor or by a local GP. It’s purpose is to ensure that you have fully recovered from the operation and that you did not develop any complications. If your doctor has any concerns about your recovery, he may arrange additional tests and refer you back to Mediguide for evaluation and treatment. Please call us if you have concerns not addressed in the written instructions.